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Technology Sucks and I’m a Computer Technician


I am sorry needed to get that out but its authentic every word of it. Technology is terrific no denying it and at this factor, who may want to stay without it. This is precisely the point of this newsletter. If you lose your cellular smartphone, you have lost all your contacts. Computer crashes no business today. On the road forgot your pc must cross returned to get it. Gets domestic Cable/DSL router down no internet surfing? Where does all this end, has our dependence on technology invaded our very existence’s to the core, unluckily……Sure it has.

Let’s talk approximately cell phones as our first instance. I constantly listen to human beings complain about the cost of a mobile cellphone or the amount of the bill itself. Our problem is we simplest see the smartphone in our hand now not the exertions that went into it.

First, we have the meeting of the cellular smartphone that we all know is pennies on the dollar because of overseas hard work. (Foreign labor certainly another blog ready to happen). Although the producing of the phone itself can be inexpensive, what about the engineering of the telephone, a few electric engineers (yearly revenue $ forty-eight,010) somewhere had to be paid to sit there and design that little black or silver smartphone on your pocket.

Secondly, we’ve got the software dressmaker (every year earnings $60,000) who have to layout the software that lets in voice dialing, surfing the net, pace dialing and the myriad of other capabilities we discover in our oh too familiar cellular telephones.

Finally, we have the community that our wi-fi sign travels on, this consists of the towers that are erected, the various network technicians to hold it going for walks, the satellites that try to prevent our lifeless spots and of direction the many salespeople, advertising and marketing teams and top brass who think about the next innovation to hold us purchasing their merchandise. Although I couldn’t locate a genuine quantity for this value, I am sure it is in the millions every year.

The reason for the cell telephone breakdown is to open your mind as much as the fee of the era. Many people believe that pc technician’s fees are extraordinarily high and that is what leads me to put in writing this newsletter on why generation sucks.

First of all, manifestly I do not assume technology sucks if I did I would now not have invested 12 years of my life into it. What I do assume sucks is that over time it has emerged as a thankless career wherein human beings feel there are being robbed rather than helped.

When I first started my career in Information Technology the assist table role become nearly as right as being Superman. You would have a trouble with your PC, name assist desk then we might place on our geek cape swoop right down to your floor, restoration the trouble, and walk away with the thanks and appreciation because of all who rejoice geekdom.

What I realized after starting my representative commercial enterprise is the cause we had been all so well cherished again within the top of’ days is that our fee changed into obvious to the users. In the latest day and age as a consultant, my value is whatever but transparent. Look at it this manner in case you work for a fortune 500 agency they have all of the pc team of workers you’ll ever want on the payroll, however if you are going for walks your personal agency you’ve got the cost of PC guide and renovation to take in, this means that no extra glad faces when we come.

JC_Career_Computer-Technician_2.jpg (991×991)

Sad however genuine, we are now checked out like an unavoidable evil rather than a vital a part of day-to-day business. Fortunately, there are a couple of degrees of computer customers and as the pc consumer turns into greater knowledgeable, the higher a purchaser he turns into. Let’s take a look at the stages of PC person how they evolve, and the way and what, a technician deals within each step.

Level 1 -amateur person, There are not lots of those left nowadays considering a baby born in 1980 could surely be 27 years old nowadays. (geez I’m growing old) which means that they have no reminiscence of a existence before computers so nearly everybody today as a minimum knows what a laptop is and knows a way to use one…Or do they?

The beginner consumer usually has the expertise of a way to use a pc, however, do no longer recognize the exceptional practices on a way to maintain it hassle unfastened. They might also download applications or set up applications and by no means delete the brief files that each software will installation at some point of the installation procedure. They might also never use the defragment application this is in every window based totally working device to keep the tough pressure contiguous. (If you don’t know what contiguous approach you should be the beginner user we are speaking about). They can also never run a pandemic scan or download the patches supplied to maintain their device up to date at the remaining virus definitions. This is the amateur PC person, his face has modified through the years however the behavior has not.

Let’s speak the problems as technicians we face with the newbie consumer. Problem primary is if you don’t do normal protection for your laptop, it’s a lousy mess by the time we get there. Time equals money, so when you see the invoice after we’ve got done our offerings you’re usually very unhappy. Worse but is our other trouble, this trouble I have named Johnny energy person. Our electricity user isn’t pretty a technician but quite a long way removed from the newbie person, this is the man or woman normally called upon via our novice group to fix the easy PC issues. Unfortunately for all us techs international he usually doesn’t price for his provider so the newbie person has ended up pretty use to the idea of having his/her PC fixed free.

Level 2-energy consumer (Johnny) The power person is a far better purchaser inside the international of consulting. You see for us he/she has fixed so many different peoples computers over time that he has gained the expertise that this (a computer technician) is surely a task. Although maybe no longer a technician in his personal proper, he has gained the insight into the arena of a PC tech that our newbie user by no means sees.

She/he may also recognize how to hold their computer systems up and jogging and hassle loose, however, have also realized that their core competency is some distance greater essential to there bottom line, then fixing and preserving there very own computer systems. At this factor they opt to use outside sources than to be troubled with the day to day protection of there personal PC’s F.Y.I that is whilst your electricity person stops answering your calls when you need him to restoration your PC.

Level three Power user extraordinaire-This is a tech without the certifications and our favorite client. This purchaser knows networking, patron server relationships, the distinction between working structures, Lan/Wan necessities the difference among a Linksys router and a Cisco router and overall should do my activity if he wanted to. Why are they our exceptional customers simple they fee the fee of our knowledge they keep in mind that a PC is a tool much like your vehicle. Your car wishes normal renovation to provide a pleasing secure journey to and from work, college, football exercise and so on. Your PC also wishes the same interest and our energy customers know this.

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