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Prisons shut social media debts as thousands of cell telephones smuggled into cells


Prisons had been forced to shut down masses of social media 
money owed run by way of inmates amid the upward thrust within the wide variety of cellular telephones being smuggled into jails.

The wide variety of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profiles deactivated on the request of jail authorities has 
nearly quadrupled in 3 years.

More than 1, seven hundred accounts have been 
eliminated from 2015 to the last yr, with the bulk of cases caused by the aid of prisoners the use of illicit mobiles to add content material themselves. Removals also are sought while video or photographs captured in prison, or messages despatched from behind bars, are published by humans on the outdoor.

The Prison Officers Association warned that the “stunning” figures risked undermining confidence in the crook justice gadget, even as the Prison Service said it works closely with social media agencies to close money owed used by prisoners.

Figures on social media accounts 
removed after being diagnosed by using HM Prison and Probation Service had been 
released via the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) following a freedom of records (FOI) request.

The number of removals multiplied in each of the four years for which information became supplied, with 153 in 2015, followed using 462 in 2016, 527 in 2017 and 594 remaining years. In total, 1,736 debts were taken offline, with 1,121 – or almost -thirds – eliminated in 2017 and 2018.

The FOI reaction said the figures encompass, however, aren’t constrained to, debts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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The MoJ declined to offer a 
targeted breakdown of the instances using prison or social media platform as it stated that would prejudice the prevention or detection of crime and protection of protection and order in prisons.

Glyn Travis, of the Prison Officers Association, said: “The POA isn’t always surprised with the aid of the stunning data which spotlight the growing issues of prisoners the use of generation in prisons.

“The use of social media sites on 
illegal phones by prisoners can only undermine public self-assurance inside the crook justice machine.

“These sites stay accessed, and prisoners are taunting victims, 
intimidating witnesses and organizing crook interest from the safety of a prison cellular.”

Alex Mayes, of the charity Victim Support, said victims “may additionally experience critical understanding that the perpetrator should 
potentially touch them or their family and friends.

“Victims should experience maximum safe while the offender is serving their sentence and this information may want to leave them feeling that justice has no longer been fully served.”

Authorities have recognized the unlawful use of smartphones as one of the substantial maximum threats confronted via jails.

In the 12 months to March final yr, there have been 10,643 incidents wherein 
 cell phones had been observed in prisons in England and Wales, a fifteen in keeping with cent 
 boom as compared with the preceding year.

Criminal gangs have deployed many techniques to take advantage of the profitable contraband marketplace behind bars.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “We do not tolerate using mobile telephones in our jails and us paintings carefully with social media organizations to shut debts being used by prisoners.

“We are investing millions in frame scanners, smartphone-blocking off technology and different measures to prevent phones being smuggled into and used in jail.”

He added: “Any prisoner located with a mobile cellphone faces extra time in the back of bars.”

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