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A Simple PC Security Guide For Non-Techie Bloggers That Use Windows


As an IT expert, I knew I become now not going so that it will avoid spreading some of my tech understanding of my weblog Revenue Reservoir. This is why I decided to jot down this best little security guide for Blogger’s who are not that familiar with PC safety. Keep in thoughts this is not a comprehensive manual to PC protection. It is designed to be a simple manual that will help you make your PC extra secure.

The Danger

As a Blogger there are lots of risks that are going with Blogging, creating websites, filling out forms, making online transfers and surfing the web. You could be sending vital records often in the course of this kind online pastime. Like whatever else, it is very important to maintain your computer and information protected.

Windows Updates

Before you even maintain analyzing this guide click on START, All Programs then Windows Update and run this over and over till your computer says it’s miles updated. This is a regularly forgotten vital protection exercise. Make sure your pc is ready to robotically update too. Microsoft creates updates due to the fact they find security holes of their software program and the replace fixes them!

What You Need

Over the years I actually have attempted many applications, equipment, suites, and so forth. And I have narrowed it right down to a pick out few programs so as to provide all the safety you want. You will need the following:

The fine element approximately it’s far that you may not spend an unmarried penny on any of those applications because they’re all free. This little guide is separated into sections. There is one phase for Windows XP users and one for Windows Vista users.

This is the exceptional firewall there is for Windows XP. Unlike the home windows firewall, this one blocks each incoming and outgoing access. This is the maximum essential safety thing of your laptop. This application will stop people from seeking to benefit get right of entry to in your computer and stop viruses you simply appear to get from looking to ship data out. It will turn off any needless offerings and block any needless ports.

This is a very good antivirus program that offers pretty whole safety without spending a dime. Running virus scans every week and keeping your application usually up-to-date will make sure you do not seize an awful virus before it is too overdue.

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For Spyware it’s miles satisfactory to do a 3 program technique to ensure you don’t miss a bug that one of the different applications cannot detect but. Spybot has been rated the great antivirus via several magazines and it is free! AdAware has usually been neck and neck with Spybot as one of the exceptional unfastened antispy packages. Windows Defender is built into windows and does have it makes use of. You may additionally right here humans say bad things about Windows Defender, but there have been times when Defender became the only software that became capable of disposing of some Spyware that I had on my computer. Running regular scans with those 3 packages will pretty tons keep you adware loose. Always take into account to update the applications to the modern before scanning.

Browser: Firefox

Your Internet browser is any other important Blogging device that needs to be relaxed and Firefox is the high-quality preference in that count number. There have been a whole lot greater viruses written to attack Internet Explorer than there’s for Firefox. Firefox has a whole lot of high-quality add-ons as well and has emerged as an extra comfortable opportunity to IE these days. They just launched model 3.

This awesome little application is identical to notepad however it lets you create password blanketed, 128bit encrypted notes! It’s a completely handy manner to comfy vital statistics.

At the time this manual turned into created, Zonealarm did now not have a Vista 64bit like-minded version. The constructed in the firewall for Vista is a lot better than the fundamental XP firewall. It now video display units outgoing visitors in addition to incoming visitors and is kernelled a great deal deeper into the OS than earlier than. I had been using this firewall considering that I got Vista and it has been imparting strong safety ever for the reason that. If Zonealarm ever does launch a Vista compatible model it’d likely be great to improve to it.

Just because you put in those packages and set up a nice firewall would not imply you are bullet evidence. You should always be considering safety and always be searching into more approaches to defending your self. When traveling websites make certain they’re comfy sites by means of searching at the top of your browser window by the deal with bar. The continuing danger of identification robbery makes retaining your laptop safe very crucial.

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