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How to Survive on Mac & Cheese When Starting As a VA


I had the fantastic fortune on the way to attend one of the online networking occasions sponsored through the CVAC these days and no matter the technical system defects and spattered speech patterns, it turned into certainly superb to ‘see’ (and sporadically hear!) my different fellow VA’s.

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I see their names on posts asking multitudes of complex questions and they all sound so stunningly expert and successful that pretty frankly, at times I’m awestruck! While I actually enjoy belonging to this first-rate organization of proficient gals (and guys) a few days I swear Y’all are speaking any other language or in some type of noticeably secretive code that simplest rocket scientists or persons from any other galaxy ways, far away can decipher.

I’m a wordsmith… Period. I do now not recognize how to do something extra technical than to reset the bloody clock on my pc and microwave after an energy outage. “Bits and Bytes” are a few types of sofa potato snack it eats up whilst salivating over the hunks who parade their stuff on “Desperate Housewives”. I do understand the way to download files – I do it all the time simply and hit ‘run’ as opposed to keeping. This has prompted all varieties of amusing as forever sooner or later I’ll must uninstall this system I downloaded from whatsupdoc.Com because it’s inflicting my electronic mail address to be sent to a colony of pigmy’s in Bora Bora who are now filling up my inbox with offers to sell me shares inside their profitable vanilla bean processing corporations. (Does the segment “Hey mon, dis deal is good! Sound acquainted to any of you?)

Anyhow, I digress as in keeping with regular. The actual factor (and there may be one coming – be affected person humans!) is this – “How to Survive on Mac & Cheese While Starting Your VA Business”. Many more qualified VA’s can deliver you with all of the outstanding and essential gear to successfully entire the begin-up phase of your business. I’m right here to provide the ‘meat and potatoes’ of a way to survive your first yr… And live reasonably sane. So, right here’s my 2.5 cents really worth of recommendation, which includes HST, PST, GST, and every other freaking tax which can probably be levied through our government, on the way to hold your double-digit discern (Size 12 is quality!) when beginning your VA biz.

1. Clip coupons. Any coupons! Even in case you’ve by no means dined on baked Spam with a honey-mustard glaze, shop that.Seventy-five cent coupon. Rip, tear, snip and scissor cut ALL coupons and attach them in your refrigerator with a motivational magnet that announces something like “Don’t eat a T-bone – keep a cow!” It will make dining on that Spam a lot extra pleasant. Also, keep any/all coupons for more than 1.00 off something! You by no means recognize who you might be able to barter those coupons with to get one you might clearly be capable of use. Personally, I’ve located the Gillette guys’ shaving cream to be simply excellent, particularly the gel components. Be a tad cautious though as you can fight to use it, especially when you have a person from the male species residing in your home. This applies to their razors as properly. Word of warning: Make positive that your bathroom door locks from the internal before using these 2 products. Much safer this way.

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2. Walk. As in walk to the grocery store together with your bag of coupons adequately stowed for your tote-sized handbag. Walking will not simplest provide you with an awful lot wanted exercising however it’ll keep on that valuable liquid gold called fuel. When you’re inside the begin-up segment of your commercial enterprise, you’re going to want to preserve as a good deal fuel as viable (aside from that caused by eating the baked Spam), if you want to move to see capability clients. Just think of how tons money you may shop with the aid of taking walks to the shop and dragging home 6 grocery baggage filled with tomato soup, Spam and top ol’ mac and cheese dinners! Better yet, taking walks will assist you to stroll off that mega energy ate up from the aforementioned carbs. After all, you are now a VA and most probably are sitting for your pc chair (oh – get the ‘barely used’ ones at your neighborhood Salvation Army and use duct tape to restore that broken armrest – you’re not going to want anyways plus wheels aren’t honestly that large a deal), so that you’ll probably be beginning to see signs and symptoms of that dreaded situation of “BS” i.E. Butt Spreading.

3. Get a VA or other Start-up Business Buddy. Go thru the list of certified VA’s on CVAC, (or some other business discussion board you would possibly belong to), and find one who is inclined to concentrate to you whine, whine, cry and lament approximately something and everything through email and MSN messenger. Try and locate one which likely has a sense of humor because they are going to need it while handling you. This is a very vital step as having someone else to commiserate with over the shortage of clients beating down your door to avail themselves of your stupendous offerings, allows hold you fairly sane. Check to look if they also provide motivational tapes, CDs and many others. Or had been formerly on their excessive college cheer main squad. You’re going to want one in an effort to hold your spirits high (instead of you having to rely on spirits to get excessive), and usually, offer phrases of awareness… Or no longer. Be very choosy right here. If they maintain answering your email messages telling you that they have now filed a complaint of IM Stalking, I especially advise you stop speak to them right away. Perhaps an exchange of electronic mail money owed might be an awesome pass here also.

Four. Laugh More – Worry Less©. This is the biggie parents! If throughout your first 12 months of building your commercial enterprise, you could sit down back and feature just one intestine-clenching, tear-wrenching stomach chortle an afternoon, you will make it! If you lose a capability purchaser – tough – it is their loss, now not yours. If you benefit a purchaser – way to go! As the antique pronouncing goes, “Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t puppy the sweaty stuff” or something like that. Believe in your self and what you do.

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You are the best aspect on the grounds that sliced bread (even in case you’re one sandwich brief of a picnic as in my case), and with sheer dedication, the strength of will and blackmail, you WILL get that first consumer – guaranteed! Make positive to invite for testimonials and post them for your internet site, blog, carve them on a log, and staple brag sheets at the “Articles for Sale” announcement board at your neighborhood grocery store. Hey, they realize who you are, proper? You’ve most effective been strolling there 3 instances every week for five months now, lugging that folding shopping cart at the back of you and fumbling via your coupon grab on the cashier’s wicket, causing anybody in the back of you to begin muttering below their breath about the ‘fool’ on the front of the line. They’ll most in all likelihood be happy to present you a sparkling advice…If you’ll just cross shop elsewhere.

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