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Wood Fired Cooking-How to Use Different Temperatures to Prepare Your Food

When early human learnt to control fire, it was an immensely important point, when we see from the human evolution paradigm. Fire not only provided us safety from wild animals, who used to be afraid about fire, it also helped us evolve in to a better species by ensuring that we cook our food before eating it. This was the first sign that, Human’s are evolving in to a better species. We learnt to control fire for day to day works. The day we started cooking our food and then eating, was the day, that human became different from other animals.

In recent times, this ancient way of cooking is becoming more and more popular among chefs and home cooks, since the amazing blend of spice it gives to specific recipes and dishes. Now, in this article we will see, how we can use different temperatures to cook different types of recipes.

Now, for setting up the environment of wood fired cooking, the first thing that we need is a fire oven. Now, in that fire oven, a pile of wood is inserted, and fire is ignited. Since, wood is ignitable, it catches fire and starts burning. At the initial stage, we can see that the oven is turning hot, and this is what cooks call as the ‘heating stage’. Now, heating the oven up to a maximum temperature of 932-degree Fahrenheit will take time, depending on the size and shape of the oven. Experts often say that, if you are heating an oven for a specific dish, don’t do that. Since, heating the oven to a certain temperature takes time and energy, it is important for a cook that, he/she should heat up the oven considering two to three dishes at once.

Now, as the heat starts slowing down, or when the temperature starts coming down, you might wish to cook different dishes in the retained heat. To adjust the heat in the oven, what you can do is you can either add wood or remove the wood from the oven to increase or decrease the temperature respectively. So, basically what cooks do is, they cook the dish which needs the maximum heat first, and the gradually when the heat slows down, they cook the other dishes which need comparatively less heat.

If in the midst of cooking, the cook feels that the temperature is too low to cook the recipe, then to increase the temperature, he/she can add a log of wood to the over, which would eventually increase the heat of the oven.

If we talk about temperature of the over, then we need to talk about the type of wood that you as a cook should use. Most of the experts use dry hardwood which is well seasoned. Using charcoal wood like spruce or pine, can affect the smell and the flavor of the dish that you are cooking in the oven. Try to use woods such as, oak, olive, fruitwood etc.

Things involving dough or meat usually needs high temperatures. Pizzas, BBQ Chickens and steak needs high temperature to get cooked. Dishes that can be made from slightly lower temperatures are, chicken wings, vegetables such as eggplant, mushrooms, capsicums etc.

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