Types of Nail Shapes for All Type Fingers

The beauty of a woman is incomplete without stylish nails. Today it is important to have perfect nail shapes along with manicure and nail polish. Nails are also the center of attraction and can get people’s eyes if it is perfectly shaped. It is crucial to have the right nail shape to enhance the beauty of the fingers.

There are types of nail shapes that consist of round, square, oval and many others. Some factors are important to consider before coming to any conclusion. The look of your fingers, nail size, routine life and most importantly opt for the one that suits your appearance. It is a try and tested method, and so one must try different nail shapes to find the one that gives a perfect look.


What are popular manicure or nail shapes now?

The most popular nail shapes that can be tried to get the extra oomph factor are as follows:

  • Coffin shape

One who has long and also strong nails will find it the best for their fingers. The shape of the nails looks like ballerina shoes, and so it is also called Ballerina. It is important to have long nails so that the end looks thin with the square tip.

This type of nails looks quite sophisticated and beautiful. One prefers such shape when out on the party and when accompanied with matte nail color, the result is just speechless.

  • Oval

The most common and popular nail shape is oval. It has an inward curve at the corner, and it is very similar to almond shape nail but is blunter. One who has a short or wide nail bed can opt for it to get a beautiful look.

Oval shaped nails can make your short finger look bigger while chubby fingers look comparatively slimmer. One who has short nail shapes but still looking out to make it beautiful can go for it.

  • Stiletto shape

If you have long nails and willing to try something special for an occasion, the stiletto is the best. One should have strong and also long nails to get the real result. Stiletto shaped nails have a spiky and pointed tip which is quite an eye-catching.

It requires good care and people mostly prefer a salon to maintain it. If you are about to go on a date or have some special occasion, try out stiletto for once.

  • Round

One who has a hectic schedule and is overloaded with different household work must go for round shaped nails. It has straight sides while the tip is round and flat. It is considered a classic style and does not require much care.

It can make your fingers look slimmer and can be tried with short nails. Moreover, it complements any nail polish and thus is a perfect shape for routine life.

  • Almond-shaped Nails

It is quite similar to oval-shaped nails but is relatively sharper. The almond-shaped nails are slim and tapered and at the side so that it looks like the almond nut. One who has a brad finger will find it the best as it makes your hand looks slender.

Almond-shaped nails can go with both long and short nails. It is less dangerous compared to stilettos but required good care. One who has to do routine household work needs to have extra care.

  • Square shaped nails

A smaller nail bed does not allow trying out different styles but goes very well with share shaped nails. The edges are straight and also sharp rounded. It can make your finger looks wider and does not require a salon visit.

This type of nail shape can even make your nail bed stronger and thus reduces the chances of nail breakage. Square shaped nails are better to go with weak nails.

What are the names of the acrylic nail shapes?

Many of us are unable to grow nails, as it is weak and break out quite quickly. There was a time when artificial nails were not reliable, but today, acrylic nails are in trend. So, one who has brittle nails but still wishes to give a different shape to their nails must go for acrylic nails.

One of the reason is they are quite strong and does not break out easily like your natural nails. It can be painted in different colors to get an attractive look. Acrylic nails are comparatively cheaper and look like natural nails. Once you have acrylic nails, try out different nail shapes and enhance your overall look. There are different acrylic nail shapes like round, square, oval, etc. that can be tried with it.

How to file different nail shapes

If you too are willing to try different shapes to your manicure nails but does not know how to make nail shapes should follow the below mentioned process:

  • Select a nail file that is easily available in the market. It is advisable to use the soft nail filer to be gentle with nails.
  • Checkout nail shapes and select the one that you wish to try. Before starting to file, make sure to cut nails in the shape that you desire
  • Consider your nails in two different sections so that while filing you come from corners to the center from both areas. Don’t file your nail back and forth as it is a wrong technique.
  • Next, hold the file parallel to the nail and make sure to file it by moving from both sides to the center. Give perfect shape with filer to the nail tip.
  • Once you have given perfect nail shape it’s time to embrace it with different colors and other embellishments. Thus, you can provide the required shape to your nails.

One who is willing to give a beautiful look to their fingers and nails must know about what are the different nail shapes. It would help them to try something trendy, and giving it perfect conditions will make nails quite appealing. Manicure and regular care of nails can make it healthy and provide long life. Today one can try different shapes even with acrylic nails, so try out something different and get a new look.

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