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Top 10 Travel Accessories for Backpack Travelers

Whenever you decide to go on a backpacking trip, however short or long it is, you will need to carry certain items with you in order for you to have a comfortable journey. Listed below are the ten main items you should carry definitely-

    1. Travel Backpack- a travel backpack is the most basic necessity that you will absolutely have to choose the best for. Ensure that the one you choose has enough compartments, is practical, and light for you to carry
    2. Travel towel- carrying your every day towel could be a problem especially if you are trekking or camping. These towels are bulky and take a lot of time to dry and can also allow the growth of mold and fungus if wet. Therefore, a good idea would be to carry travel towels that dry fast and fight off fungus and bacteria in addition to being lightweight and easy to carry
    3. Travel underwear- believe it or not, there are specific travel underwear available today that dries extremely fast and protects your body from bacterial infections. These are a more viable option than your regular underwear
    4. Travel soap sheets- when you are planning your toiletries, try to carry soap sheets instead of bottles or bars of the same. This will reduce the space occupied as well as the weight of your bag
    5. Packing cubes- packing cubes are compact rectangles made of nylon or mesh material. These cubes allow you to pack in your clothes in a manner that everything occupies very little space.
    6. International plug adapters– when you travel from your own country to another, there will be a change in the electrical specifications. This will include the voltage that appliances run on as well as the type of socket present. In order to make sure that you are always well prepared, look up the voltage requirement and carry an international plug adapter that you can use

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Solar charger- if you are travelling to trek or backpack across remote areas, there is a possibility that you may not have electrical points to charge your appliances. But, you will always have the sun wherever you go and you should therefore carry solar charger

  1. Luggage locks- this is one of the main items that you will need to keep your belongings safe especially at times that you are in crowded areas
  2. Money belt- a money belt is a small pouch that you can wear under your clothes containing the majority of your money as well as your passport. This will keep your money safe in the event that you are robbed on your trip. Make sure than you do carry a fake wallet that has some amount of money in it so that you can simply give this up
  3. Daypack/ bag- a day bag is a handy item that you can use when you go out to explore the place you have travelled to. You can leave your heavy backpack in your hostel or hotel and explore lightly. Additionally, your day bag can carry the bare necessities that you will need at any point including your money and passport

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