The Latest Mobile Beauty Company Disrupting The Industry

Natasha Pillbrow, the founder and CEO of LeSalon, the brand new on-demand at-home splendor app improving the lives of both her colleagues and clients, explains why setting up a commercial enterprise is less complicated than you might suppose, how she’s cutting out the noise of the competition and why she’s prioritizing the needs and wants of ladies in every layer of her commercial enterprise version
1. What does LeSalon provide that wasn’t already to be had in the marketplace?
We differentiate ourselves on some tiers. On a carrier stage, we’re capable of providing top class-excellent remedies, as we offer our therapists in-residence training. We additionally provide training with our logo partners and reasonable guide to guarantee professionalism and consistency. We’re also proud to provide treatments that substantially enhance convenience and luxury degrees for customers – particularly at-domestic spray tanning and waxing. Women can receive these treatments in comfort in their very own homes, without having to dress and travel home afterward. Finally, and most significantly, we’re all about empowering customers and therapists through first-rate beauty offerings enabled through the modern era. We use the maximum advanced tech to provide the best stage of automation and aid for each client and therapists and work hard to ensure the girls we work with and for sense empowered, assured, and on top of things, way to on hand remedies and reliable, flexible paintings.

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2. Set the scene – in your words – what’s the revel in like from the instant you book a therapist with Le Salon?
Once you’ve booked your treatment, if you haven’t selected a selected Salonette, we will stay healthy you with one the use of our set of rules. This can take a couple of minutes, but when you’ve been matched, we’ll ship you a booking confirmation containing all the information of your appointment. Your Salonette will arrive promptly on the arranged time and will quickly set up their package. All therapists use branded LeSalon equipment to guarantee professionalism and consistency. Our therapists are very happy to speak at the same time as wearing out treatments but are similarly glad to sit down quietly if customers pick. We’ve brought merely a ‘quiet mode’ alternative, so clients can notify therapists earlier if they’d like a quiet session. The complete factor is for treatments to suit seamlessly into your day, and for clients to sense at ease and refreshed throughout and after their surgery, so our Salopettes will always take their cues from you.

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