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The History of Water Ski Racing in Britain


Several years before the war, an aquaplane race was run on an annual basis from the isthmus at Avalon to Hermosa Beach, California. It was a race and a test of staying power for both guy and boat and typically less than 20% of the sphere ever managed to complete. The the rest dropped out due to boat issues or because the aqua planer couldn’t preserve on to any extent further. The remaining race previous to the war, on June 20, 1941, become gained by using Bob Brown, towed via Don Berry, in a time of 1 hr 51 min.

In 1947, the Long Beach Boat and Ski Club changed into shaped and nearly right now took over sponsorship of the race, renaming it the “Grand National Water Ski Race”. In 1949 the competition has become a spherical journey run, starting at Hermosa Beach pier, the skiers raced to the isthmus, turned around a turn-boat and returned non-forestall to the pier. A skier was disqualified if at any time they touched the boat or each person within the boat. Ed Stanley of Orange become the winner of this primary spherical trip race with a time of I hr 41 min.

Of course, this event is widely known nowadays as Catalina, and just for the document, Chuck Steams first won the event on the age of 16 and he went on to win it an amazing eleven instances over the next few decades.

The 1950s

Now it was time for the Aussies to set up a bit of record in ski racing and in the 1950’s, the Bridge-to-Bridge Water Ski Race changed into launch. The sixty eight-mile route on the NSW Hawkesbury River is now one of the most prestigious races in the world.

The 1960s

In 1966, Britain made a pass to get involved in the game of water ski racing and an assembly took place at the Mandeville Hotel in London, wherein 30 golf equipment have been represented and a Racing sub-committee of the BWSF become formed. The legendary Chuck Steams of California befell to be in London on the time and he provided a duplicate of the Californian racing rulebook, which formed the inspiration for British racing guidelines.

Alan Taylor remembers; “we knew that racing had taken place in Belgium three or 4 years earlier, on the Scheldt at a place known as Rupelmonde. The following yr, some humans from Whitstable Club went to Belgium and had a look at this race and we invited a Belgian group to compete inside the first professional go-channel race”.

On May, 29 1967, the Whitstable and Varner Club water ski clubs organised the first go-channel water ski race and no much less than fifty six teams, including one from Belgium, took element in the 42 mile run from Greatstone, Kent, to a trawler marker-boat, anchored 3 miles off Cap Griz Nez and back.

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Boats were allowed to absorb to three or 4 humans to ski in relays. The skis were ordinary standard slalom skis for speeds of around 30 mph, in addition to pairs, and the ski line needed to be among seventy five toes and one hundred toes in the period. Teams had been additionally allowed to relay with more than one skier according to the group.

News soon leaked that skier forty-seven registered, as Mr. A.A.Johnson changed into none other than the Earl of Snowdon, patron of the BWSF, trying to keep his identification from the Press. The result became dramatic news coverage of the event.

More than 20 of the fifty-six entrants failed to complete the race because of a gale, which whipped up 6 ft high waves. The winners have been contributors of the Chasewater Power Boat Club, and they completed the route in 3 hr 15 min. The Snowdon team got here in fourth at 4 hr 10 min and every other skier within the race changed into a 14-12 months-antique Bill Rixon. Taking 3rd place average, this becomes just the beginning for a person who becomes to come to be one of the legends in British water ski racing.

In 1968 the BWSF Racing Committee organized the first British Championship series, run at Chasewater, Great song, Hunstanton, Hartlepool, Penarth, and the River Medway. John Boardman of the Varner club became the primary series champion.

In 1969, the British Championship series turned into improved to eight races and became won through Brendan Bowles of Penarth club. It becomes on this year that European Water Ski Racing Championships were hooked up and races were held in Holland, Belgium, and Britain. Bill Rixon have become the primary European Water Ski Racing Champion.

The seventies

Rixon started making his mark on European racing within the 70s and not using a much less than six ordinary European Championship gold medals among the several British too. Bill said, “it is possible there are even any other two European titles now not accounted for”. In 1974/5 he spent quite a few time in Italy skiing for Moses, and he paid a few disapproved visits to South Africa and also hit the racing scene in California.

Other names along with David Hutchinson, Guy Gooding, David Martin, Robin Mainwaring, Cliff Featherstone, Alan Hargreaves, Tony Cox, Gary Brooks, and Colin Harris have been scattered in the course of the 70s when British F1 ski racing became as strong as ever.

Two different names have been brothers Steven and Andy Coe. Steven won the British Championships in 1978 and 1979 and Andy accompanied suit in 1980 with Tom Lumley staring at for all those 3 identify wins. Britain’s top girls covered Liz Hobbs, Sue de Donker and Kim Gooding.

Liz had started skiing whilst she become nine, and by using 15, she became had skied in her first race on the Medway in 1975. The following yr, she went directly to win every race she entered & gained the primary of seven British titles. In the identical 12 months, she broke the girls’ British and European pace information behind a Cigarette powerboat referred to as, “I find it irresistible too”.

During the 70’s, a few British skiers, including the Coes, had visited Australia and discovered a new manner of snowboarding known as, ‘wrapping’. Terry Bennett of Sydney changed into the call at the back of wrapping and he determined the approach in simple terms through accident, whilst looking to clean the pressure on his lower back, after suffering a coincidence. So along with Fred Williams race skis, and a wealth of Aussie enjoy, those British skiers delivered us to the manner all of us now ski – wrapped.

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