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The Best Part Of The Beach Bum Is The Fashion


In The Beach Bum, you see Matthew McConaughey’s real bum greater than a dozen instances. In some such scenes, he is sporting a royal crimson G-string, and handiest his tan strains in others. But although these bare moments are without a doubt fun, they are not the unique factor of Harmony Korine’s follow-up to Spring Breakers. That honor goes to the surely deranged and best style that dominates the film.
In reality, humans were talking approximately the fashion in this movie because the first set picture dropped back in 2017. Garage deemed it “the maximum vital fashion movie,” and High Snobiety even did a spherical-up of McConaughey’s, as his man or woman Moondog, high-quality appears — simply from paparazzi photos. What I’m announcing is, similar to Moondog — the drunk, dirty, cute, carefree poet on the heart of this solar-drenched laissez faire comedy — the clothing in this film scream “I do not supply a fuck what I’m doing” and it is the precise 2019 vibe that everyone has to have. Moondog is a poet using the arena as his muse. I’m only a female the use of his cloth wardrobe as mine.
And despite the fact that it can look like McConaughey — in his captain’s hat, CVS grandpa sunglasses, stringy seaside blonde wig, and two-piece flame set, aka “the Flamesuit” (which he wears to his daughters wedding ceremony) — is merely being weird, it is without a doubt extra than that. It’s an essence. An air of secrecy. A vibe.

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To prove it, here is a short list of items worn by way of characters in this movie: huge JNCO jeans (Zac Efron as Flicker), white leather-based golfing gloves (Jonah Hill as Lewis), a silk bathrobe that announces “Snoop Dogg” (Snoop Dogg as Ray aka Lingerie), a Missoni-esque muumuu (Isla Fisher as Minnie Boo), a custom-made gothic vest that reads “These ARE My Church Clothes” (Efron), a different Missoni-esque muumuu (McConaughey), Jeremy Scott Ugg boots (McConaughey), a sequin mini-get dressed (McConaughey), a neon thong (McConaughey), a slime inexperienced formal robe (McConaughey), Heelys (Efron), a feathered bubblegum crimson robe (McConaughey), a moist in shape (Martin Lawrence as Captain Wack), and a warm pink polo (Hill).
The garb is the heart and soul of this film, and it’s all way to Heidi Bivans, who additionally styled Spring Breakers, and Hill’s 2018 directorial debut, mid90s. She’s the mad genius who taught McConaughey how to correctly wear the previously mentioned Barney crimson thong — a hero and a visionary who reportedly didn’t anticipate a movie that she styled in 2017 could resonate so genuinely with the road fashion aesthetics embraced in 2019.
Of the soon-to-be-infamous seems, like the silver flame Ugg boots Moondog borrows from his spouse, Bivens instructed GQ that she likes “to think that there is an innovative ether that exists, and we’re all encouraged by means of stuff even if we don’t recognize it, although we’re no longer conscious of it.”

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