T-Mobile Phone BoothE is a soundproof cube where you can take calls

T-Mobile today introduced Phone Boothe, its modern-day take on the cellphone booth. Many human beings nowadays have their very own phone, but speaking on it at the same time as you’re out and about may be difficult because of all of the noise happening inside the outdoor world — phone Boothe goals to assist by supplying you with a private vicinity to take your name in peace.

The Phone Boothe is a soundproof, vertical rectangle that you enter by the use of your T-Mobile cellphone and the Phone Boothe app. Once internal, you can plug your phone into power and use Magenta Pages, a large vertical display that connects on your cellphone and lets you browse the net and take video calls on a large show. You also can use that colossal display to set a background of your desire, like a cityscape or landmark, and snap some selfies to publish online.

T-Mobile says that it’s setting Phone Boothe cubicles around New York City, Washington D.C., and Seattle. Everyone might be capable of getting admission to the Phone Boothe at some point of the preview weekend; however, in the end, it’ll simplest be available to T-Mobile clients who have the Phone Boothe app.

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Here are the unique places where you’ll be capable of locating T-Mobile’s Phone Boothe this weekend:

NYC (all locations 9 AM – 5 PM)

Friday – Rockefeller Center North Plaza
Saturday – Bowling Green (Southside)
Sunday – Battery Park (Near Town Green/Castle Clinton)
Monday – Rockefeller Center North Plaza

T-Mobile Park at the T-Mobile 5G Experience (after Henry’s Tavern) all through Mariners video games
Washington D.C

Outside the Treasury Building (15th & G Avenue) 9 AM – 5 PM
While T-Mobile doesn’t immediately say that this is an April Fools’ Day joke, the picture URLs on T-Mo’s website to include the word “April fools.” The idea of getting a quiet region to take a cellphone call or price up your cellphone across the town is something that’d probably appeal to a whole lot of folks, even though.


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