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Sport Performance – Inconsistent Motivation and How to Overcome It


Inconsistent consequences are often a result of inconsistent motivation making motivation a key element in overall performance and outcomes. It might appear apparent that motivation drives us far away from pain and towards pleasure. The usual cause of inconsistent motivation is motivation driven at some degree with the aid of the want to keep away from something emotionally painful. This is known as ‘Away From’ Motivation. Avoiding such things as failure, being not excellent enough, poverty, loneliness, being judged, etc. Are a few examples I commonly find out when working with clients even though the listing is various and endless.

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There are numerous motives why Away From Motivation is inconsistent and results in inconsistent outcomes. And more importantly, how could you recognize wherein Away From Motivation is inflicting you to be inconsistent? Here’s an easy example to illustrate standard patterns and symptoms:

During his early years an athlete has repeated the experience of schooling hard and on activities failing to supply the consequences wanted and wanted. Each time he fails he studies a person critical to him (e.G. His athletics train or member of the family) being disillusioned in his consequences and suggesting he ought to educate tougher.

Our athlete is frustrated and disenchanted by way of his failure and angry and hurt via the response of people close to him. Through repetition of those activities (real and gambling it over in his mind), he unconsciously buddies anger, frustration, harm and disappointment with failure. He fears to experience this ugly emotional mix time and again, which results in a Fear of Failure.

Whenever he becomes aware of the opportunity of failure (stimulus) the fear (reaction) kicks in to motivate action in order that he avoids failure and the underlying emotional mix. He has inspired Away From failure and this will become a large element of his general motivation to enhance his effects in athletics.

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Since he avoids completely experiencing the underlying emotional mix, it remains outdoor of aware attention fuelling his Fear of Failure from the deeper unconscious degree. What he stories is developing thoughts for desires which at the surface may additionally appear like success orientated, however, their actual number one reason is to avoid being a failure and experiencing the underlying emotions. He is not often if ever consciously privy to this connection together with his dreams or its importance.

Because the foundation purpose (the underlying emotional blend) of Away From Motivation operates on the unconscious level it normally stays outside of conscious focus. Furthermore, it is generally repressed as it’s the issue that the individual wants to maximum keep away from experiencing.

Therefore as a way to discover and resolve the foundation purpose you have to work together with your subconscious mind. Disciplines along with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis provide techniques allowing a definitely professional expert to quick do just that. The technique of resolving bad feelings results in new insights and learnings which update the negative feelings and act as new nice resources (e.G. New rules, ideas, alternatives for achievement in athletics) that help you in growing the results you want.

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Resolving the emotions inflicting Away From Motivation approach you enjoy much less poor emotion and triumph over inconsistent motivation and results. You are freer to revel in sustainable, regular motivation to obtain the dreams which are maximum meaningful for you. On top of that, you may sense appropriate approximately attaining your capacity to your recreation and different regions of lifestyles. How might that be for you?

Paul Burden MSc is creator and Peak Performance Coach at sport perform. Amongst other matters, Paul is a Certified Master Coach and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Master Hypnotist with near to 20 years of training in recreation. His passion and distinctiveness are helping his clients to make the changes needed to create the fulfillment they want. His information consists of Motivation and Goal Setting.

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