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Sport Horse Breeders Meet in Devon


The wealth of statistics, people, places, and horses on the WBFSH Convention become the first rate! The first day we have been taken to the Devon Breed Show to look a number of the pinnacle mares and foals in the USA. I changed into surprised to analyze that in Europe they do no longer have breed shows like this. We had lunch backed with the aid of Dressage at Devon and have been capable to speak with many of the representatives of the WBFSH and listen to their thoughts and impressions on the show.

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After returning from the show we started out the 1st seminar consultation. We were welcomed via Jan Pedersen, the president of the WBFSH, and Ekkehard Brysch, ISR/Oldenburg Registry, our host. Scott Hassler then supplied a totally interesting talk about equestrian sports activities in North American and its impact on Sports Horse breeding. He thanked the WBFSH for the implementation of the Young Horse Championships mentioning that he felt that they were having a totally positive effect on the training of the younger horse within the U.S. Even even though only a small percentage of our 4, 5, and six yr olds are competing in those lessons, it has highlighted the importance of beginning the education of our younger horses in advance in place of later. Currently, the Young Horse Championships for Dressage, Jumping, and Eventing are held at exceptional times and different locations. The goal for 2013 is to have the multi-function place at the same time.

Ekkehard Brysch then mentioned the effect of thoroughbreds at the current Sports Horse Breeding in North America. He said that at the start the first generation of a move with a TB became not the breeding purpose, simplest the begin. Now but, due to the bigger pool of great TB mares within the U.S., they are given that the first technology cross does produce foals that meet the breeding intention. It is important to notice that they’ve identified a particular type of TB that is suitable. The TB horses that produce the excellent offspring suitable for the Sports Horse have to have the best conformation and are commonly out of strains that produced horses that have been or are a success in the longer races. Sprinting horses will now not produce the gaits suited for modern Sports Horse Breeding.

Later inside the afternoon, we heard approximately the education and education of equestrian professionals within the U.S. Via Prof. Dr. Rebecca Splan from Virginia Tech University. They have unique software designed to train the students in all aspects of the horse enterprise. Their purpose is that the student is made aware about all of the career possibilities available and with the assist of the university, industry stakeholder support, and assistance from breed registries and different businesses is ready for excessive-level expert careers with horses. I found myself wishing I become younger and will participate in this first-rate program.

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Derbydown Farms turned into our 1st stop the subsequent morning. There, Louise Serio gave us an indication of a hunter on the flat and over fences, in addition to some movies of the Hunter Derby whilst we had lunch. She informed us what she seems for in a Hunter and established that the modern Sports Horse is proving to be more appropriate than the TB in most cases. It turned into very academic and some of the WBFSH representatives had by no means seen this sport and had been inspired. We then visited North View Farm, the beginning location of Northern Dancer, and noticed many lovely TB stallions and heard about the nation of TB breeding and racing in the U.S. Next turned into the superb new Hassler Dressage at Riveredge. This facility will take your breath away – you could see pictures on the ISR/Oldenburg internet site as nicely on the WBFSH web page. Scott and his accomplice’s plans for the future are very thrilling, they have got plenty of clean thoughts and plans with the intention to assist the U.S. End up extra vital inside the breeding of current Sports Horses and the training of both the pony and rider/teacher. We then had a delicious American Barbeque dinner at the farm with masses of dialogue approximately what we had seen and heard so far.

The final day in Devon it becomes pouring rain from a hurricane that was on the coast. We were fortunate in that most of the day become interior. There become an assembly of the general meeting that we have been allowed to sit in on that I discovered very exciting. It becomes reassuring to listen them cope with troubles that were critical to me as a breeder of their Strategic Plan. This changed into accompanied by presentations on new methods for breeding with frozen semen, stem cell makes use of, cloning, AI breeding practices, the Young Breeders program, horse slaughter in the U.S. And different countries, and the Universal Equine Life Number (UELN). The UELN became the situation of dialogue frequently at some point of the three-day assembly. It has been successfully applied in many nations, but the logistics of placing it in the region in the U.S. Is extraordinary. We do no longer have the form of authorities control that could be required as they do in different nations.

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Due to the typhoon, or go back to the Devon Breed Show and VIP dinner changed into canceled, but maximum folks convened inside the bar for liquids, food, and masses of dialogue. I am very grateful for the possibility ISR/Oldenburg Registry gave me to wait for this meeting. I came away with a better know-how and experience greater related to the goals of our registry in addition to the WBFSH. They truly are running “to promote and broaden the game horse-breeding enterprise…And the common pastimes of sports horse breeding worldwide.” (from WBFSH Mission Statement)

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