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Money and the Internet – A Brief Introduction

The net is a world-extensive phenomenon. Take a few minutes to think about the internet and how billions of humans use it every day. People use the internet for social networking, e-mail communication, video and even verbal communication, watching movies, movies, taking note of radio, broadcasting themselves to the arena, obtaining reputation, pictures, tune, facts and even global information. There are limitless opportunities when it comes to the internet.


Consider this. If Bob comes to a decision to create his own internet site for any motive, he must first purchase a site name. He ought to then pay an internet site fashion designer to design and create the website for him. He may additionally want to employ human beings to write down articles for him. He may additionally want the internet site to be up to date regularly and need to hire an administrator or if it is a domain that calls for frequent upkeep and updates he might also need to employ a couple of directors. He may also need to pay for the advertising and marketing and merchandising of his internet site. He may pick out to put it on the market different products for other corporations on his website which means that he himself may be getting paid thru them…

Companies PAY for marketing. Think of all the thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of advertisements you notice on the internet every day. The advert isn’t just comfortably located there, the employer is PAYING for it to be displayed. Now it could seem like commonplace feel that businesses should pay for marketing, however, in case you consider for a moment simply how broadly advertising and marketing are used on the internet, you begin to see simply how lots of a money making system the net is. And it’s far easier than you think, to harness this money making strength.

The time is now! If you observe your life and the way you operate the internet, you could surprise how you ever did without it! Yet solid your mind again 15 years and the quantity the internet was used become only a tiny fraction of what it’s far now. The internet has come to be so popular that there may be slightly absolutely everyone who does now not use it anymore. This is because human beings are studying increasingly about it each day. The extra you learn about how the internet works, the greater it turns into clear to you that all the time you have got had a computer with a web connection, you have been sitting on a goldmine! If handiest you had regarded the keys to gaining access to that goldmine.

Using the Internet may additionally damage your religion – this is the conclusion of a look at showing that a speedy decline in the number of nonsecular people inside the U.S.A. Due to the fact, 1990 is correlated with the ever growing wide variety of humans using the Internet.

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Allen Downey, Professor of Computer Science at the Franklin W. Olin College, supplied an answer to this question. He analyzed statistics gathered via a preferred social questionnaire which became looking at nonsecular attitudes inside the U.S.A. Given that 1972. He concluded that there had been numerous factors that contributed to the fact that there is a reducing wide variety of Americans who do not forget themselves spiritual, the most debatable of which is the usage of the Internet. The conclusion turned into that this became the ideal purpose why the number of people with nonsecular affiliations had decreased over the last two many years.


The above paragraph is the beginning of a piece of writing published on a news portal, which I turned into heavily surprised with. Allen Downey writes approximately religion as though it became a buying item, and the faithful had been consumers with holes of their pockets. Faith isn’t a cold statistical range that can be analyzed thru bloodless statistical questionnaires, however as an alternative the sacred home to the soul, which liberates folks that stray through the dark via divine mild. Faith is living in anyone who is an, in reality, unfastened individual, and there may be no social questionnaire able to peek into the human soul. When Mr. Downey and others like him say that the Internet is in charge for the reducing quantity of folks who visit churches and different temples, he must take a closer examine the scriptures, because the Son of God teaches us that God is in all and sundry that does appropriate to others. An appropriate individual is the best temple of faith. I am asking this laptop science professor whether faith’s holy task isn’t always the spreading of fact, humanity, and justice.

And the Internet is precisely the region that offers the possibility to many humanists and top-will people to unfold the ones noble values that make us human within the first region. Without the Internet, there might be no Google, no Yahoo, no Gmail, LinkedIn, Amazon Kindle (an oasis to poets and writers), and a number of worldwide liberty-propagating portals. Allow me to show the validity of my claim through a private example. Thanks to the Internet, I even have created my internet site containing a mess of my articles, essays, poetry, as well as books posted at e-shop, wherein I write about compassion, justice, humanity, thoughts closer to the greater right, love, desires, struggling and sorrows (lest we overlook that a tear has the identical taste and coloration on the faces of everybody, no matter race, gender, or religion).

These are works – essays, poetry, plays, and novels – which embrace all those noble values that faith is feeding on. Of course, the ones work also discuss greed, insensitivity, vanity, cunning, corruption, nepotism, and all the illnesses which are destroying the human soul and religion. Yes, these works might not be “bestsellers”, however they have been written from the coronary heart, for the hearts of all good-will people, and they might in no way stand a threat to get published in pro-regime media managed through all styles of dictators and political castes or in “free” huge media owned through magnates whom my works are unmasking.

I shall repeat my query to professor Downey: is the Internet killing religion in people if it gives the liberty to factor out greed, corruption, the slave trade, dictators, and different evils that live inside mankind? Life teaches us that the Internet does now not destroy faith! (Sadly, there constantly sick individuals who will misuse a noble issue just like the Internet for their dishonorable and deviant problems, but the Internet isn’t to blame; rather, it is susceptible-lively folks that are the usage of it.) One has the proper to ask whether the Internet isn’t always a thorn in the side of folks that need to kill religion inside people and shackle them in dejection, primitivism and the darkness of lack of knowledge. Why don’t they say it out loud, like Pope Francis did, that it’s miles greed this is destroying faith? Those who need to monopolize religion, as though it became a purchasing item, should know that no one has the proper to appropriate faith, because of anyone, as a free individual, has the freedom to pick out, and that is the best way for religion to flourish inside people. If I could declare that I am the best a number of the faithful, I could disavow Him, because I too am fighting the two shelves inside, and irrespective of how mellifluously I persist with my faith, conceitedness often attracts me away from it and into the darkness. By admitting this to myself, I am getting in the direction of religion.

Sadly, ethics is not as preferred among people as it used to be, even though we recognize that it strengthens the human spirit, and a sturdy spirit is what makes us compassionate and facet with the ones in need. The refusal to fight human beings trafficking is comparable to quietly helping prostitution! Lust is simply as evil as greed! Those who treat their internal emptiness with futile lust is falling! “To love is to locate our happiness in the happiness of another.” (Leibniz) We have to realize that list is an evil that doesn’t just break the soul, however additionally the sacred assignment of authentic love and this is why the evil of prostitution is booming (and infant prostitution is mankind’s final defeat). Weak-lively people (the clients), irrespective of whether or not they’re rich or poor, are just as a great deal guilty as are folks that site visitors people. Why? Because if now not for the customers, there could be no prostitution! Furthermore, not siding with the ones in want is selfishness! Shrugging your shoulders in dejection and turning far from people who protest against disempowerment is corresponding to betraying your dignity and your religion! Life teaches us that religion is a merciful light, filling human beings with the wish for a better the following day, and those who unfold dejection fall, as they declare that everyone institution (banks, groups, politicians) are on the fingers of grasping people and that there may be no hope for a better tomorrow. There is hope! Silence is a betrayal of 1’s freedom! Silence is not golden; it is rust consuming away on the truth! There are exact and awful human beings many of the terrible and the wealthy alike. There are moral banks that are not slaves to greed, as there are business banks who are slaves to greed, laundering masses of billions of grimy money owned with the aid of drug cartels, dictators and political castes (like the political caste in Croatia). There are ethical banks that diligently generate money for the extra properly, even as commercial banks, which obsessively gamble on Wall Street with their clients’ money, lose the cause for which they have been founded by way of banking visionaries. There are creative businessmen whose marvelous visions create

There are creative businessmen whose marvelous visions create a fee for the extra good, and their human faces are seen to the public thru their humanitarian donations. There are political visionaries who do not serve greed but fight for a better future, developing humane legal guidelines a good way to offer people with opportunities to make their desires come authentically. Yes, I nonetheless consider that there are still many greater dreamers who dream of a better destiny for all people on the street of dreams than there are folks that dream of ruling the area. Each individual, as a unfastened character, has a duty towards their own lives to base their acts on conscience. From the beginning of their lives, every person is combating the two selves within. Good and evil are following us greater intently than our very own shadows. A strong spirit is man’s quality best friend within the thick forest of temptation. Those who assume that by means of having cash and threading throughout corpses should purchase them happiness and faith, are fooling themselves. Isn’t that what the Son of God is teaching us?


Let us go back to the remote beyond. When Christ turned into walking the streets of Jerusalem wistfully (he knew that Judas could betray him) before Passover, north of the temple, near the Bethesda pool wherein the earlier he cured an invalid of 38 years, he stopped next to a widely smiling antique man who become asking a wealthy Pharisee for a few food. Instead of food, the Pharisee offered curses, and while Christ asked him in a brotherly voice why he offended a vintage man who attempted to make him a better man or woman, the Pharisee looked at Christ and arrogantly said that he was clearly devoted, and a protector of faith, in contrast to the old man, due to the fact he left a fistful of golden coins and lots of food at the temple each week. The Son of God frivolously said: “Although you are wearing silk, and the beggar is dressed in rags, I see more poverty to your eyes than in his. You are a miserable guy! I did not come here to therapy the beggar, but you. His pockets are empty, but his spirit is full. And then, your pockets are full, but your spirit is empty.” And he frivolously appeared into the Pharisee’s eyes. The Pharisee stood there motionlessly, and then it seemed as though he awakened from a deep dream. He took all of the cash he had and distributed it some of the bad. When he was finished with that, he looked at the sky and said: “Thank You, Lord!… I never felt as blessed and fulfilled! Yes, now I understand how a long way away I became from religion!” He admitted, searching at Jesus with a gaze worthy of the Son of God. This brief story teaches us actual Biblical values, i.E. That money and titles by no means entitle all of us to misappropriate faith. Yes, the Creator teaches us that we assist someone to their ft, we improve ourselves too. And he also teaches us to open ourselves, as His gate shall open for us too! Pope Francis is commencing the Lord’s gates by giving to the terrible, and I humbly pray that the owners of businesses, banks, and the Bank of Vatican itself shall do the identical. I humbly pray that individuals who blame the destruction of religion on the Internet shall open their doors and provide their surpluses to the bad.

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