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Mobile Internet Services For Inter City Train Passengers


This article covers my current reports the usage of VIA Rail Canada’s passenger cellular net provider at the same time as journeying from Toronto to Montreal. These styles of offerings have become an increasing number of popular over the last few years. VIA become an early adopter; having launched their preliminary cell net carrier in 2006 after which upgraded in 2010 and 2011.

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VIA Rail Canada become one of the first rail agencies within the world to provide mobile net offerings to its passengers in 2006. The carrier is supplied on its forty-two trains in its crucial Canada hall among Windsor Ontario and Quebec City masking approximately seven-hundred miles. At the outset, the provider used a combination of satellite and a pair of 2G mobile connections. In 2010 the service turned into made over to apply a pair of 3G cellular connections; abandoning the satellite connection absolutely. Service becomes fair to true according to debts I have discovered at the net, blogs, and Twitter.

A complete forklift improve became accomplished over the direction of 2011 and 2012. The new carrier is mounted on the forty-two train fleet and is produced from 6 aggregated HSPA+ mobile connections, an on-board server and controller, in educate passenger get entry to factor (B, G), and a wireless N mesh network connecting all coaches.

VIA is advertising and marketing this provider as a part of its “Human Way to Travel” marketing campaign subject matter; stressing the carrier as a effective use of journey time to work or for enjoyment inclusive of social networking, reserving activities at destination, finding facts on what to do upon arrival at destination, or simply studying online newspapers or surfing the internet.

I actually have had the opportunity to travel commonly on commercial enterprise and for delight on VIA Rail and I actually have always been impressed with the general overall performance of the cellular network service; which is currently supplied on a complimentary basis. After connecting your device to the wifi get admission to point you’ve presented a preference of languages for the provider; English or French. You then should receive some terms and situations; upon which you are introduced to a landing web page approximately the services offered by way of VIA Rail. From there you may navigate the net.

I had been capable of paintings on files through a VPN connection to my office servers; editing and updating textual content files, spreadsheets, and presentations. Also accessing webmail structures which include Gmail is a breeze. Browsing the web is likewise pretty rapid. Other things I even have completed are gaining access to streaming song offerings such as AccuRadio and Tunein without a hiccup. I actually have viewed and updated my net picture albums on Picasa without a problem. I actually have also achieved a few online buying and online banking. I even have even seen passengers the use of Skype video calling. But streaming video is hit and omit but on this surroundings and websites which includes YouTube are blocked for overall performance motives, to maintain bandwidth and to hold an awesome user enjoy. This is comprehensible in this shared cell surroundings in which bandwidth available from mobile networks is a restricting factor. But you can nevertheless access news media video websites which include major everyday papers, CNN or CBC as an example. But as I stated motion pictures can be a success and pass over the affair.

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So as a consumer enjoy goes this provider is pretty proper for a loose provider. How long will it be value unfastened even though? As may be imagined it may be steeply-priced to offer this provider. VIA estimates that over 20,000 passengers use the provider and that visitors are reaching over 1 terabyte in line with a week on common. Twitter and Facebook comments are usually superb, helping my own non-public experience.

As with any cell network, there are some zones along the manner wherein performance may also drop off. One location is along Lake Ontario in which performance goes from superb to appropriate or truthful. But at 100 MPH, these areas soon zoom via and overall performance choices up pretty speedy. To VIA’s credit, they suggest those acknowledged regions of their statistics about the provider and on a map published on their web page and of their passenger mag. Technical support is available as nicely over the smartphone and by means of text message.

Most trains I even have taken are 3 or four automobiles long and I would estimate that about half of the passengers are using the carrier. This could be anywhere from 80 to 100 connected customers on a complete train. I have taken numerous measurements with tools inclusive of Speedtest. This gives you an idea of person revel in. My common download velocity measured is about 2.75mbps with peaks of 5mbps and higher. Upload speeds average around 1mbps and peaks of 3mbps do arise. I have achieved these measurements with both a Windows pc pc and my Samsung Android tablet. These speeds are good enough for what the service is intended to be. According to VIA, it is high-quality used “for web browsing and e-mail”; but with the aid of my revel in you can accomplish a whole lot greater.

So usual the VIA Rail wireless net carrier is reliable and rapid. VIA has additionally recently brought a media portal server on some of its trains to praise the wi-fi internet carrier. This portal affords daily news highlights and some rerun TV indicates and documentaries. This indicates VIA’s commitment to developing and enhancing this service for its passengers.

A bit about the writer Mike Gaudreau. He resides in Montreal. He owns the blog Boomer Technology [http://www.Boomer-technology.Com/]. He is a retired IT and Telecom senior supervisor with 38 years of experience. Since he is enthusiastic about the technology he determined to remain active within the field through developing Boomer Technology to offer generation information to the boomer generation.

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I have been capable of work on documents through a VPN connection to my office servers; enhancing and updating text files, spreadsheets, and displays. Also gaining access to webmail structures which include Gmail is a breeze. Browsing the net is likewise quite fast. Other matters I even have performed are getting access to streaming track services inclusive of AccuRadio and Tunein without a hiccup. I have viewed and updated my internet picture albums on Picasa without a problem. I even have additionally completed some online purchasing and online banking. I have even visible passengers the use of Skype video calling. But streaming video is hit and miss however on this environment and websites inclusive of YouTube are blocked for overall performance reasons, to keep bandwidth and to hold a terrific user revel in. This is understandable in this shared mobile surroundings in which bandwidth to be had from cell networks is a restricting thing. But you could nonetheless get entry to news media video websites which includes foremost everyday papers, CNN or CBC as an instance. But as I mentioned movies may be successful and leave out affair.

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