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Love The Latte Lifestyle? Why I Do Not Drink Much Milk


The one component I predicted when I started out writing turned into to create a focus on fitness and hopefully attract like-minded people who contributed with remarks. All questions and feedback are advocated and at the same time as I’m without a doubt enthusiastic about fitness I surely don’t have all of the solutions, however, I do my quality after I can.

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I’m in reality partial to the ‘latte life-style’ and if I had my way, I’d grasp out and paintings in a cafe maximum days! I’m cautious when it comes to milk intake and me most effective have one flat white an afternoon with milk. I do not use milk in my supplement shakes or porridge and many others… And here’s why:

I’m not right here to convince you as to whether or not you should drink milk or now not however truly create attention to discover avenues. There’s an issue within itself if we ought to even be consuming milk as human beings. Some say it needs to forestall after breastfeeding, others say we have been having it for lots of years. A bit like vegetarianism, there’s an entire host of conflicting evidence flying around on which is pleasant… Healthy debates certainly!

Did you already know the common cow become recorded back in 1930 to handiest be capable of produce kind of 1.5 liters an afternoon. According to the article from “Weston A Price” – Back in 1930, the common dairy cow produced 12 kilos (approximately a gallon and a 1/2) of milk per day. In 1988, the average turned into 39 pounds (4.5 liters) in keeping with the day. This became performed by means of selective breeding to reap dairy cows that produced quite a few pituitary hormones, thereby producing big quantities of milk. But the industry changed into now not satisfied with this output. Today rBGH, a synthetic growth hormone, is used to get even extra milk out of the dairy cows, bringing the average up to 50 kilos (6 liters) of milk per day. This is executed to fulfill the ever-increasing demands of milk and to make extra cash.

If you are ingesting milk for its calcium, you need to recall what intense heat/pasteurization does to exploit. According to the Dr. Mercola website – Probably pasteurization’s worst offense is that it makes insoluble the essential a part of the calcium contained in raw milk.

Weston A Price – We have all been led to believe that milk is a first-rate supply of calcium, whilst in reality, pasteurization makes calcium and different minerals much less available. Complete destruction of phosphatase is one approach of trying out to look if milk has been appropriately pasteurized. Phosphatase is crucial for the absorption of calcium.

From what I’ve researched, actually, dozens of different precious enzymes are destroyed in the pasteurization method, with out them milk could be very hard to digest. How many humans do you already know who’s lactose intolerant? This just makes me surprise whether humans are illiberal to lactose or sincerely intolerant to what we’re doing to the milk.

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I’m surprised how many humans consume milk and do not know what this means. Do you consider a time whilst the cream used to sit at the top of the milk? Back in Wales when developing up we had to positioned stones on top of the milk bottles whilst delivered in any other case the birds could % the pinnacle and drink the cream. Did you get a fat chance of this occurring nowadays, why? It’s Homogenization.

Homogenization breaks the fats into smaller sizes so it now not separates, permitting the sale of non-isolating milk at any fats specification. This is carried out with the aid of blending massive quantities of milk to create a constant, then forcing the milk at excessive strain through small holes. They do that as it prevents developing diverse stages of taste and fats awareness. It is likewise cosmetically attractive.

Surprise… But there is a warfare going on regard homogenization. There are claims that milk homogenization affects the improvement of atherosclerosis, coronary heart ailment, milk allergy, and milk intolerance, Type I diabetes or Type II diabetes.

Whether you believe this or now not, I feel that the instant you play around with food and start exceedingly processing it, it’s going to have its outcomes. I do not just like the concept of this and I live away from it when I can.


There is a whole lot of opportunity milk merchandise to be had these days, from almond milk, oat milk rice milk, soy milk, and many others. These warrant their personal posts but test the labels as they generally flavor pretty horrific and are enormously sweetened. They surely don’t help the reason of the latte lifestyle.

Raw milk may you could ask?

I can only speak for myself here. When I started out to absolutely take note of what turned into happening to our milk, I switched to raw milk (Cleopatra’s bathtub milk). Yes, tub milk! It’s called this because it’s unlawful to sell raw milk for human intake. If stuck you may be dealt with like a drug smuggler!

I commonly do not drink an awful lot of milk at all these days, however, I drank uncooked milk for years with no troubles. I’ve even recognized people who are lactose intolerant to drink it and not using a response. Should you drink it? Research first could be my recommendation. I’ve simplest scratched the surface on the subject of milk with this text!

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