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Is Google’s Nexus One Cell Phone and Android a Good Idea?

Google’s Android working gadget for cellular phones is new and really cool and beginning to give other platforms just like the iPhone a scare and run for their money. Although all of them have their pluses and minuses, Android seems to have some of the most modern functions and it interoperates with the entirety Google provides which includes email seamlessly. Many companies are using and planning use Android for their phones, and Google has announced their personal cellular phone, the Nexus One. Does this make any sense for Google? After all, a phone is a bit of hardware and they may be a software program corporation.

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Google will possibly make little if any cash off the smartphone and that they have said that is not their purpose. Most cellular phone manufacturers do now not make big cash off of hardware, but rather on services. Their two desires are supporting spread the Android platform in addition to amassing person records. Google already has plenty of information on you in case you use any of its offerings along with Google seek, YouTube, Gmail, Google Alerts and lots greater. This itself concerns me as although I am a Google fan, I sense they may be a classic instance of a business enterprise that has emerged as too powerful too rapid and is fast turning into the nearest element to “massive brother.”

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There are numerous dangers that Google has with their present-day plan. Users will need to get rid of and install the SIM cards themselves from their community. Although not difficult, many users won’t need to do this, and there may be guide and support cost issues concerned.

One reason Google has created their own telephone is so as to control the function set. They are not branded or linked to just one network, and it is feasible that a few networks might not allow Nexus One to apply the one’s capabilities to their community, both because they are now not carried out or for a myriad of different motives.

Since Google will not make money off the telephones, and that they do not own or manipulate the cellphone networks, will they make money off the data they collect? It is a risky proposition absolute confidence. I’m searching forward to Google’s personal version of the Android phone platform, the Google Nexus One. They have a track report for delivering and deep enough wallet to make it succeed. I may not be speeding out to shop for one but until it proves itself, and many consumers believe me.

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Called ZTE Link, it’s also the primary ZTE version imported into France running Android OS. As referred to via Emmanuel Rousseau, the Director for terminals in France, the ZTE Link purpose is to democratize Android mobile phones in France. At 149 € in prepaid, or 1 € in a p.C., ZTE has proper chances to succeed.

Despite the tight fee, ZTE Link is a nicely prepared cellular smartphone. It has a very reactive 2.8-inch resistive touch screen of 320×240 pixels. The processor, a Qualcomm MSM7227 clocked at 600MHz, has an inner reminiscence of 120MB and is derived with a 2GB memory card to keep multimedia files (images, MP3s, videos). This reminiscence may be extended to eight GB through adding a microSD card. The Link is quad bands and works at the 3G+ networks, which lets in browsing at a mean pace of 1.2 Mbps (7.2 Mbps most). It also has Bluetooth and WiFi to surf totally free in one of the numerous hot spot available around the planet. The A-GPS is used in combination with Google Maps. The digital camera is 3.2 megapixels, which is pretty pleasant given the price of the terminal. The constructed in accelerometer lets in snapshots, motion pictures, and the virtual keyboard to robotically alter to the display screen, whether or not the telephone is preserved vertically or horizontally. The ZTE Link integrates song, video, pictures and audio players. The micro USB port lets in the Link to be without difficulty connected to a PC for record transfer or battery charging.

Finally, the fact that the Link is strolling an Android operating device (model 1.6), this makes it well suited for greater than 10,000 programs available for instance at Android Market or Androlib.

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The ZTE Link casing uses plastics which can be similar to the HTC Touch 3G’s one. Although some of the photographs show the Link in white, Bouygues Telecom offers it handiest in black. Its dimensions are as an alternative small: 102 x 55 x 14.Five mm and with a weight of 104 grams, it’s far lighter than maximum different Smartphones. The 3 controls (home, menu, returned), below the screen, are touchy, the two steps button bellow is mechanical. The volume button is positioned at the proper side of the mobile cellphone.

Cell phones are becoming critical for each person because it continues human beings linked spherical the clock and wherever they’re. The use of the mobile telephone is growing every in which both at home, workplace or maybe in the car. The utilization of this hand-held speech device at home or office does no longer seem to be a trouble, however, the actual mess is created whilst mobile cellphone is being used even as driving. Taking calls at the same time as driving is volatile however more danger indicates up when one is texting even as using. When human beings TWD, they take nearly 30 seconds to write down a single phrase or around that’s extra than enough to take pleasure in distracted riding. The roadside injuries are growing more because of texting that’s becoming a prime problem for each united states of America.

Texting has to turn out to be a not unusual exercise among people of all age institution. You will see almost every person out of texting, at the same time as nearly anywhere. It has ended up a form of dependency for each one that has expanded the fashion of TWD. As the ordinary ‘tick tick’ of texting is hard to abate now, so safety measures are being taken by means of introducing text to speech gadgets if you want to maintain humans getting into their habits at the side of protection. Many cell organizations are the usage of Blackberry app on palms free mobile cellphone and in other small mobiles. But to produce a message by using just recording it in cellular is turning into greater tremendous. The cause is also being served by Android app which allows converting text to voice. This gets rid of the use of eyes on display whilst texting. It’s an easy utility which requires you to speak into the cellphone which in flip will report your voice and convert it into an SMS message. Similarly, the Android text to speech converts the SMS which you acquire into speech and also you don’t just take a look at the display screen to examine text messages. This is assisting to avoid the street facet injuries due to dangerous driving and distracted riding as well. The Android app additionally facilitates in changing the texts into notepads, Gmail, Twitter programs and all the ones other applications which accept this sort of entering approach.

There and many other packages which can be becoming crucial for the drivers in an effort to reduce the street aspect clashes at the same time as you carry on with texting. Android text to speech is a terrific application which masters in generating the speech in most of the gadgets. No surprise this generation could reduce the overall visitor’s troubles and accidents which can be increasing day by day. Let’s desire it saves many treasured lives and reduces lack of assets.


Moreover, DriveSafe.LyTM is to be had as an effective Enterprise solution aimed at fighting distracted riding for fleets, cell workforces, mobile sales forces and other businesses looking for to institute safe driving guidelines. The Enterprise version is function-rich and includes complete message encryption, policy control, smooth tool swapping and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) deployment. All of these delivered features come with what is already trendy of DriveSafe.LyTM and the unbeatable voice exceptional no one can sue. If any commercial enterprise is seeking to keep productiveness even as instituting secure riding rules, DriveSafe.Ly is the handiest choice.

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