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Invade Syria? A Look Back at an Article Written

Will we invade Syria? The President, along with of his cabinet members have made statements denouncing Syria for harboring fugitive Iraqi government leaders, however, that isn’t always the worst of it! They additionally said the “keyword” of “weapons of mass destruction”! That term is implemented by way of the President in a condemning manner….Simply before he orders troops to invade a rustic! This he has completed twice! One becomes Afghanistan, the second became Iraq!

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The reality is; we are already in Syria! We probably, I started ….”in all likelihood”…Because I do not have tremendous evidence, handiest taking note of the “General Assembly” that the news media outlets have garnered to assist “explain” the warfare in Iraq to us Americans. We certainly needed it I bet, as a good deal because the news media talking heads! They realize Zip about army actions, and I discover that I am kind of “obsolete” myself, seeing as I am older dirt!

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It is said that we possibly already have Special Forces in Syria, just as we did earlier than invading Afghanistan. Just as we did earlier than invading Iraq. Is there any doubt that we are about to take a turn to the West?

We might also! We may also place enough strain on Syria to give up the Murdering, Lying, Torturing, Thieving, Saddam Hussein and his entourage. If now not, then we will pass in an attempt to “extract” them. Or parts thereof! The fact is we’re going after their cash! Money seems to be the main factor in stopping “terrorists”.

I placed “terrorists” in costs because “one man’s patriot is another guy’s “terrorist”. That too is a quote. The hassle here is that although the Syrian Government may additionally, nicely, they did, help “terrorist” sports against Israel, and did aid the Saddam Hussein Government; they also supported our invasion of Iraq! And the hunt for Bin Ladin, if I keep in mind correctly. They then allowed their human beings go into Iraq and fight in opposition to the Coalition forces! They additionally authorized numerous Iraqi troops to escape across the border into Syria. This appears to be horrendous. But certainly, it is not!

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How many human beings are we going to kill? You see it, the warfare has to stop sometime. Someday the battle, the look for “terrorists” will give up. It will give up as all the different wars have ended. It may take thirty or forty years, or just months, however, it’ll stop. And as maximum wars end, there might be survivors. Survivors that consist of at times the Government leaders of a rustic. Survivors of warring parties, rapists, torturers, evil men. But this is the manner with struggle. Peace ought to consist of the “pardon”, although rarely written, of all participants. Most individuals. Sometimes the very worst of the worst are hunted down for generations. Such because the Israelites looking down the Germans in Brazil. I think they have to give them a big hug and tell them they may be forgiven, sort of a “The Lord Judge among thee and me”. That location the sin absolutely upon them reasons peace to flourish, and people forgive, if not forget about. The matters that the Lord sends upon human beings is excellent. War itself is despatched with the aid of the Lord! “With what might I chastise my humans, if now not with a rod of iron..” Seems that is probably a close quote, it has been too many years on the grounds that I studied. However, in African nations, the people sit down around and choose everyone that they witnessed hacking their family and children and spouses with machetes! And they’re no longer all hung, nor imprisoned. Some were allowed to go again to their villages and live. Why? Because to do else would stop them as a country! To do in any other case could give up them as a tribe and a human beings. You see the point?


So conflict will quit. And many might be forgiven or probated or pardoned. That is the manner with humans, the earth, and the truth of conflict. It is history. Someday there will be allies that are enemies these days, after which there may be enemies which are these days allies. France involves mind! This too is the “manner” on the planet filled with human beings. And since it will appear, we might as properly do things. Accept it. And go on living. The rest might be sorted. If we aren’t filling our lives with hate. For hate does kill!

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We do no longer need to hunt down ever one of the Iraqi troops that fled to Syria. They stood up for their u. S . Simply as our people did. They do this out of worry. We do so out of an experience of duty and patriotism. The give up is the equal. Just as Russia can in the future threaten us with annihilation with nuclear bombs on missiles based in Cuba, the French may be towards us, and the Russians our pals, gambling as our friends, after which actually be determined to be towards us also.

We aren’t operating with easy fingers either! We sale palms. We use hands. We have assassins. We have secrets and techniques. We work to disenchanted different countries ambitions and desires. Just as Germany, France, and Russia, have completed.

What though is the future? Germany, France, and Russia will all attempt to mend fences. Then seeing that is handiest being finished 1/2-hearted, or just because they need to exist as a nation, they will go back to this double-dealing! We are not innocent of this either! Ask Oliver North! Who did he take money from? Who did he purchase guns from? Who did the sale or supply guns too? And it’s going to come rapidly returned to hang-out us! One day it’s going to, I assure it!

Peace can only be completed via cutting our life and our dreams brief. The Middle East will boil over, It will boil over anyway, whether or not we leave or no longer! One day it’s going to join forces with China, Russia, France, Italy, Germany, all the international locations against Israel! I consider that. I trust that. But it does no longer have to be these days! Does it?

Kill or seize Saddam and his henchmen if you may. Then reduce off his cash. Then take the oil earnings and rebuild Iraq. And then flip the USA and its oil reserves again to the Iraqis, as we promised. Then get the hell out of the Middle East! That will now not be executed absolutely, however, I can hope. The fact is the US and its allies can have a “presence” in Iraq for many years to come back. We can not deport them to themselves. We do want to have our foot in the door to compete and preserve a watch on every use. That is why we allow them to come out a foot in our door! But we do no longer have a secret schedule to “mess” with Iraq to manipulate it and make matters pass our manner usually. And this is the aspect we constantly do! That is the motive we’re fighting and seeking to manipulate matters in South America, and in Cuba, and within the Philippines, right now! We want to give it a relaxation! We made our point. They will worry us sufficient to show admire for the United States of America, or they will remorse it! Even in the event that they don’t like us, they can maintain a civil mindset. Now we could cross domestic! And carry our all our bases from Germany! And dig up all our soldiers and sailors in France and re-inter them in this country in special cemeteries! It could be really worth the value!

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The Reverence Gregory Gird, the preacher at a thriving megachurch with five,000 committed participants, brought about pretty a stir and lost 1,000 adherents whilst he gave a sermon in which he got here right out and defended tolerance.

There have been early caution signs that he might propose the now intolerable virtue. When requested repeatedly by means of participants to announce that he became against all of the matters right-wondering humans are speculated to abhor, along with homosexual divorce, abortion for recreational functions, and Democrats in popular, he repeatedly demurred.

Apparently, he eventually should not restrain himself from divulging his real mind. He preached, now not handiest one, but six sermons in which he sincerely recommended the separation of church and kingdom, counseled members towards the superimposition in their very own pointers on sexual tendencies, suggested them to prevent regarding America as a Christian kingdom, and endorsed them to make an area of their hearts for that radical document, The Bill Of Rights.

Most calamitously of all, he dared to suggest them that having Christ in their hearts intended they have to love everybody, even individuals who don’t agree with them. While he himself is a conservative with tons the equal beliefs as his attendees, he nevertheless felt that the role of non secular people is to behave themselves with reliably spiritual principles, consisting of the arguable triumvirate of “Faith, hope, and charity,” in preference to dropping their laudable fellow-feeling in intolerant social advocacies.

In his alarming sermon, he stated that the position of Christians isn’t always to try and advantage “strength over” others even though politics, however, “prevailing human beings’ hearts” by using sacrificing for those in need. He went to date as to mention, “America wasn’t based as a theocracy.”


Even extra provoking to many in attendance, he went on to say that America become without a doubt based on people looking to escape theocracies and there has in no way be a Christian theocracy that wasn’t bloody and barbaric. That’s why the Constitution accurately covered separation of church and country.

Many participants of his congregation walked out proper inside the midst of his sermon, but later on, numerous others congratulated him for his Christ-like compassion for the tons maligned and his braveness to pop out of the pulpit for his beliefs.

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