How to Lose Weight When Suffering from Type 2 Diabetes?

It is a dream of many to lose weight and look fab in every outfit. Many people have prioritized weight loss in their wish lists but fail after every trial. Usually, the results are not visible even if you follow a specific diet or plan because you are not doing it correctly. However, also if you are doing it correctly and still not able to achieve your desired weight, the reason could be your health disorder. Same is the case with a person who is suffering from type 2 diabetes, longing to lose weight.

Are you suffering from type 2 diabetes and performing constant efforts to lose weight? This usually happens because the extra fat increases the body’s resistance to insulin, making it hard to manage blood glucose. Besides, a person who has High BMI (Body Mass Index) has a risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Getting into DIYs won’t bring the change unless you have someone guiding and monitoring your routine. There is no one better than consulting a weight loss expert. She/he can come up with an effective routine plan that works well with the diabetic condition. You will be surprised to see the results once you follow the instructions of an expert.

Here are some tips that can keep on the path of weight loss-

1) Set small and realistic goals- 

People are full of excitement when they start their weight loss journey. They become impatient and expect their fat to fall in the initial days of the diet. However, losing extra fat is not something that will happen overnight; it will happen gradually. Trying to transform your body all at once is a failed recipe that people usually stick to. Instead, set realistic targets and goals such as, walking for one hour every day or having a cheat day per week.

2) Schedule your meals-

Most of the people are in the habit of skipping breakfast and making heavy dinner, but that won’t help. Skipping breakfast leads to overeating all day that sabotage your weight loss plan and in turn, lowers your metabolism, making you more obese. Therefore, consume smaller meals at fixed intervals every day that will provide the right nutrients to your body, helping in the faster breakdown of body fat.

Moreover, being diabetic and simultaneously looking for losing weight means, eating healthy and boycotting food that contains gluten, bad calories, oily and fatty acids.

3) Become active-

Although diet plays a major role in losing weight, yet exercise is equally important in shedding the extra pounds. You must get into a fitness routine for boosting your immunity and strengthening the stamina. Initially, staying consistent will be hard, but once you go through the first stage, you will start enjoying it. I would suggest you play any game you like every day for at least one hour if you are not a fan of the gym.

4) Keep tracks of your progress-

It is important to pen down the things related to your weight loss journey that will help you maintain a track. Moreover, writing down the things to eat will help you figure out your pattern. Besides, consulting a weight loss specialist will be highly beneficial since she/he will maintain records of your weight loss routine.



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