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God Teaches Us 7 Practical Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle


The Holy Bible teaches us how to be healthful, stay a healthful way of life and avoid sickness. Therefore, illnesses along with cancer, coronary heart disorder, diabetes, weight problems, HIV aids, and so on are caused by us not heeding God’s Word. It is thrilling to be aware that inside the starting He created a global that had existence giving fitness in all the meals guy ate. The meals guy ate turned into fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. What came from the floor became our food and there was no illness. So why did we prevent consuming what and how we had been commanded to eat? (In Genesis 1:29 we’re commanded what to consume). We became a disobedient human. As a depend on reality each guy has this flaw of disobedience and chooses to lean on our very own know-how in place of to well known God in all matters, letting Him direct our route. Man wishes manage, doing it his way as opposed to humble submission to “God’s Will”.

The Promise of No Disease.

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Exodus 15:26 says: “If you will listen cautiously to the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his sight, obeying his instructions and legal guidelines, then I will not make you go through the sicknesses I sent to the Egyptians, for I am the Lord who heals you”. So God offers us steps to a disease loose healthful life. They are:

Step 1 – Listen Carefully.

The first step to your healthful lifestyle is concentrated cautiously to The Lord your God. This means we’re to be aware of God and his phrase. We are to pay attention cautiously, being attentive to the information and be completely engaged in accepting and understanding his word. His phrase is each written and spoken. To concentrate carefully on the Lord manner to pay interest and heed God’s spoken and written phrase.

Step 2 – The Lord Your God.

Is the Lord is your God? Do you have got a relationship with Him and is he the master of your lifestyles. The promise for a healthy lifestyle is given to people who make the Lord their Master, having no gods earlier than him and no longer serving or many masters. No graven images, no sun, stars, or moon can come up with existence and lifestyles greater abundantly, best a residing Lord. The Lord who heals you. This is who you are to absolutely surrender too and allow to govern you because of the master of your lifestyles. The benefit is a healthy life freed from the disorder.

Step three – Do What is Right in His Sight.

First, we must try to do what is right. Everyone does not have that as their aim, regrettably. There is fitness in righteous living. The health comes from a stress-free lifestyle. No pressure. No drama. We are doing the right factor. Health also comes from eating and living proper.

Secondly in “His” sight. This means not my will however yours. It additionally method we must recognize what is proper in “His” sight to do it. We recognize his will through the Bible, the spoken and preached the word, prayer, and meditation. Meditate on His Word Day and Night. Listen to nevertheless small voice. Be nevertheless and recognize that I am God. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean no longer to your personal information. In all of your methods well known him and he’ll direct your direction.

Step four – Obeying His Commands and Laws.

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Once you pay attention as you carefully listen to Him, you have to obey. Obedience to him is the movement in our healthful way of life. Long life and fitness are a characteristic of obedience. Jesus informed the sector that He is the Good Shepard and His Sheep Know His voice. Jesus says if you love me you may obey my commandments. Throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament, it’s miles clear that we are given commandments with guarantees and those promises are contingent on our obedience. This scripture even says Hear, Trust, Do, Obey and Then. More than listening carefully, we must obey his every commandment. We must do. Faith without doing what he says isn’t always religion in any respect. Show me your faith I will show you my obedient works. Obedience is higher than sacrifice.

Step five – What did God Command.

There are much stuff he instructed us. I believe the maximum critical matters are the first matters he advised us. Those first matters were foundational to our everlasting lifestyles and health. They had been entirely and wished not anything delivered to them. Upon our disobedience, we needed to be guided lower back to the foundational complete commandments which might be Genesis 1:28 and 29. Genesis 1:28 says be fruitful and multiply and take care of the earth that I am leaving to your care. Verse 29 goes on to say I am supplying you with end result and veggies and all that grows from the ground and its fruit to be your food. Obedience to these commandments (which are given to all mankind, now not simply the Hebrews and their descendants) are the key to our fitness.

Step 6 – Disobedience Equal Disease and Death.

The sicknesses bought at the Egyptians have been an instantaneous reaction to the disobedience to God. God stated let my human beings move, Pharaoh refused, then disease. Over and Over once more till He wiped them out as they went into the Red Sea. He tells us, we refuse, then disorder and ultimately dying. Yet obedience could mean no disease. Just as God so Loved the World and gave his only son so whoever believes on him could now not parish, however, have everlasting lifestyles and that life more abundantly. Life and our health are primarily based on obedience to His Word.

Step 7 – The Lord Who Heals You.

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He promises no illness if we are obedient. Yet he says I am the Lord who Heals you. Through His compassion, he offers grace and mercy that are his unmerited prefer and heals notwithstanding our disobedience. We can’t earn life, however, we can be obedient which results in health. But despite the fact that we fall, through his grace and mercy, he’s the Lord that heals you. This is the best news. This is the shouting second. Praise and Thank The Lord Who Heals You! Be Blessed. Be a Blessing.

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