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Are store exclusives terrible for PC gaming?


Epic says that for its store to compete with Steam, it wishes video games Steam doesn’t have. To that end, the Fortnite megacorp has been making year-lengthy Epic Games Store exclusivity offers, most lately with The Outer Worlds and Control. That has predictably irritated many PC gamers who are used to Steam and do not need to replace to a different launcher for unique games. (Though it truly is already common because of Origin, Battle.Net, and so forth.)

But is Epic’s method greater than just an inconvenience? Is it honestly negative to PC gaming as an entire? That’s the topic of our mid-week PCG Q&A. Our solutions are under and sense free to add yours inside the comments (while sticking to our commenting rules).

Samuel Roberts: Who is it better for?
I don’t actively suppose they may be horrific, nor does the concept of them hold me up at night. I even speculate if Epic’s approach has allowed previously console-handiest video games to leap to PC, as is the case with the Quantic Dream games and Journey coming to PC. I’m no longer negative to having greater launchers on my taskbar, and this is not a new phenomenon, while you take into account Ubisoft and EA’s necessities which you use their systems (even if you could buy Ubisoft games on Steam too till The Division 2). I will say this, even though: I don’t see how they may be good for players. An Epic one of a kind is there to tempt you into using that save. But what’s the revel in of purchasing that doing for you that Steam is not? I suppose that may be a question worth asking.

Exclusives at the moment are getting used as essential marketing performs. I suppose it is good for Valve that Epic is there to eat its lunch on some of this yr’s largest games, and possibly get it to be a more active competitor. But for the client paying $60 for a game, I don’t see what the gain is to them, shop for maybe a barely cheaper reproduction of Metro Exodus (however only in case you stay in the United States—we didn’t get that provide in Europe). They’re just the usage of a distinct store, due to the fact any person, somewhere made a deal.

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The top result, at most, is some slight inconvenience by beginning any other launcher, it truly is proper. But at the same time, as the expanded sales cut makes the Epic Games Store attractive to developers (and honest sufficient, it is an amazing result), there is not an immediately obvious upside to the consumer. It’s simply a shop war.

Jarred Walton: It’s more of the identical
Is all of us going to say save exclusives are in reality dangerous to stop users? Inconvenient, positive, and I think each additional app we have to set up is a capacity safety hole. But keep exclusives simply experience like part of the 2019 PC gaming marketplace. A particular sport will be hurt or helped by an extraordinary, especially a paid distinct, but as long as recreation is to be had for PC, the storefront doesn’t certainly count to me.

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