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9 Reasons Why Linux is For the Average User

Well, each Linux consumer really worth his/her salt has a list of why Linux is perfect for [adjective] customers, so I sat down and notion up a listing for myself! 9 Reasons why Linux is for the average person. The motives aren’t in any order, simply the order that I concept of them, so don’t think that I place unique significance on those at the top, or that the ones at the bottom are a piece vain really. Anyway, examine on to look why I think that Linux is best for the average consumer!


Linux may be very at ease by way of design, usually because of the report permissions device, which prevents you from tampering with any files you don’t have write get entry to. This extra or less makes a Linux virus that does more than mess with your very own files impossible to get as a regular user. If a person runs as root all the time, all the protection in the global it vain – but no longer the use of root for normal duties is an important lesson taught in lots of distros.

The common consumer just wants to use their pc, they do not want to fiddle around with getting it secured. Linux’s inherent safety is consequently a boon to them.

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As lengthy as you’re now not jogging beta, alpha, or software in any other degree of improvement apart from “final”, Linux is very stable. This is partly due to the separation of GUI and Kernel, which isn’t always found in Windows. This method that if the GUI does freeze, the pc does not need to be rebooted – the GUI simply needs to be killed and started out once more, with a keyboard shortcut.

The average person would not need their laptop crashing all of the time when they use it, they just need to apply it without a problem. Again, a terrific cause to apply Linux.

Linux and most of its software program is unfastened as in speech and unfastened as in beer. The consumer has the right to edit the code, and do whatever they need to it. This allows patches and bugfixes to be evolved tremendously quickly by way of a myriad of builders using that particular software and sent to the project maintainers upstream.

>The average user would not like paying masses of kilos for a running gadget or software program, freedom of fee is consequently a terrific reason to use Linux. The average consumer also would not want buggy software program, so the freedom of speech is a superb motive to use Linux.

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Most distributions (all?) have a few shape of package deal supervisor, which makes it clean to install, put off, and update software program. Coupled with online repositories (together with many distributions have), this permits the person to update the complete machine with one command, or maybe a click if a graphical package manager is present.

The average person would not need to wander throughout the internet searching out updates for all in their software, but lots of them assume this is the most effective manner due to what I name “Windows Sheep Mentality”. A package deal manager which can improve all in their software program, such as the OS, without cost is consequently an awesome reason for the common consumer to replace to Linux.Hardware


Linux truly supports more hardware out of the box than Windows does. Okay, so the supported hardware is frequently specialist, this is because Linux is very popular on servers and comparable things that want to just work and use the Right Thing. However, if mounted on any given pc, Linux is probably to paintings. Windows will probably now not, specifically if you have some esoteric hardware or something, without umpteen motive force discs.

The common consumer does not want to upgrade their computer just to use the subsequent model in their OS; Linux works with very vintage hardware as well as very new, that’s a reason to use Linux.

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Many Linux distributions offer paid support, and nearly all have a large and (usually) welcoming community who will exit of their manner to help someone who needs it. This community support is commonly the same fine professional paid guide could be, but is free. There are also quite a few usual Linux communities online who will help with something if they know how, and their regularly occurring answers will often assist on many distributions.

The average consumer would not need to ring tech aid and communicate to an Indian character, after their call has been outed internationally, only to be told they should reinstall Windows. Free and in-depth aid is consequently true.

Linux has lots of variety in approaches that Windows and OS X just cannot. One instance will be the abundance of window managers and computing device environments. Another, could the base machine – no distributions are identical. This variety, coupled with the reality that there is over 300 distributions, approach that there’s a distribution for each person.

The average person desires to use what works nice for them, they do not need to must use a person else’s general which might not suit them thoroughly, this huge variety is consequently an advantage.

Without the customisability of Linux, the variety would not exist. Every aspect of Linux can be edited and customized with the aid of the consumer – from the widget topic, right all the way down to the init scripts controlling the booting of the device. Compare THAT to a Windows person’s ability to alternate the wallpaper, colorations, or a couple of icons.

The common consumer wants their laptop to be, properly, their laptop. They need it to look how they need it to appear, and the customisability offers them that.


Linux is compatible with maximum propriety document codecs, together with the fantastically popular Microsoft Office document formats. This manner that a Linux person need not worry about problems sharing documents with Windows users, as they can keep the report inside the Windows format – or maybe in a layout along with PDF which is the equal on all working systems.

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