5 Reasons Online Time and Attendance Software is the Best for Time Tracking

Once upon a time, employers used paper and pen or spreadsheets to track employee work hours. If any errors were made, they had to find their employee and confirm their correct working times. Time off requests had to be written and placed in a box that would only be checked every few days. Management would then need to track down the employee once their request was received to let them know if their time off was approved or not.


As you might have guessed, this method of tracking time was incredibly inefficient, and whether or not employers were aware, they were losing money. In this article, we will be covering the top five reasons that online time and attendance software is the best method of employee time tracking.

It’s Cheaper

Online time and attendance software is far cheaper to implement than you might think.  Since the software is web-based, you can use existing devices to track employee work hours. For example, you can set up a computer in a centralized location that all employees can use to punch time. You could also allow workers to punch time directly from their mobile devices.

If you are looking for an inexpensive timesheet management solution that can track time for just a few or several hundred workers, then online time clock software is the way to go.

It’s Easy to Maintain

Online time and attendance software is incredibly easy to maintain. As long as the devices you choose to punch time on are in working order and have access to an internet connection, your time tracking process will remain trouble-free.

Unlike traditional time clocks, there are no internal components that you need to replace or have serviced. An online timecard system will not break down randomly, and you will never have to send it in to get repaired. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is the support that comes with your time clock solution. You will want to invest in a solution that is frequently updated, and if any technical issues do arise, they will be quickly addressed.

It Increases Accountability

In a time when businesses are transitioning to remote employees, accountability is crucial. With online time and attendance software, employees can have a renewed sense of responsibility. They are no longer in an office setting where management can check in to ensure they are working on the appropriate task. Employees now have to take it upon themselves to punch in on time, take their breaks and lunch, and punch out on time at the end of the day.

While employees will have that increased accountability, there is still the need for some oversight by management. For example, features such as facial recognition could be implemented to ensure that employees are only punching time for themselves. Alerts could be set up so that if an employee does forget to punch in, their manager can be notified.

Online time and attendance software doesn’t just improve the time tracking process but can increase employee accountability as well as productivity. When employees have a greater sense of how their actions impact their time tracking, they are far more likely to adhere to the policies created.

It’s Efficient

Long gone are the days of having employees stand in line, waiting to punch time. With online time and attendance software, employees can punch time from any device available to them. Even if using a centralized device that employees can all punch time from, you can use features that speed up the process, such as PIN punching. This type of feature allows a user to enter a 4-Digit pin to punch in or out quickly. The process takes less than 10 seconds in total.

From a management standpoint, users can log in to quickly see who has punched in for the day, how long they have been punched in, and what they’re working on. If an urgent project comes in, managers can see who’s available and send them a message from within the software to let them know to change gears.

It Makes Payroll a Breeze

Most web-based time clock software integrates directly with major payroll providers such as QuickBooks. Then when the time comes to process payroll, You can sync employee information with the few clicks of a button. Not only does this significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to process payroll, but it also reduces the chances of errors.

Reducing errors is a critical part of the payroll process. If employees are frequently receiving paychecks in the wrong amount, this can lead to dissatisfaction in the workplace and cause them to look for employment elsewhere. Not only will inaccurate paychecks hurt your employer-employee relationship, but it can also lead to an audit that could result in you receiving fines for not accurately paying your workers.

If you are still doing in-house payroll processing, most employee timesheet software comes with payroll specific reports. These reports include regular, overtime, and paid leave so that you can accurately process payroll.

Online time and attendance software is crucial for any business that wants to do employee time tracking correctly and efficiently. If you are on the fence about investing in such a solution, hopefully, these five points will be reason enough to start your search.

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